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Mark Chait 夏泰: Bio 个人简历


Photo by Oscar Yu

Mark Chait, is an internationally renowned Film Composer and Concert Pianist, winner of the prestigious Emmy Award and three time Telly Award (the NYC premier award honoring the finest Film and TV productions). Mark also composed for an Academy Award nominated film that starred Brad Pitt and Elias Koteas. His expressive music along with being a virtuoso pianist have won him many distinguished audiences, including a command performance for the US Presidential Candidate and former US Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, the late King of Swaziland, the Picasso Foundation in Paris and audiences across Shanghai, Beijing and Zhejiang have become fans and admirers of Mark’s performances and cinematic music.

夏泰(Mark Chait),国际知名好莱坞电影作曲家、钢琴演奏家。曾获得美国电视界最高奖艾美奖、三度荣获纽约电视电影节目至高奖泰利奖。由他配乐,布莱德·皮特 (Brad Pitt)、伊莱亚斯·科泰斯(Elias Koteas)主演的电影曾获得奥斯卡金像奖提名。夏泰极富感染力的音乐表达和卓越的钢琴演奏技艺为他赢得了众多声名显赫的听众,他曾受美国总统候选人、前美国国务卿希拉里•克林顿 (Hillary Clinton)之邀在白宫进行演奏,前斯威士兰国王、巴黎毕加索基金会也对他的音乐及演奏推崇备至。夏泰所到之处,其音乐也总会受到当地广大音乐爱好者的争相追捧。


His hit song, 'The Power of One', was sung by one of the most legendary female singers, Donna Summer and produced by the Godfather of Western Pop, the world renowned Producer David Foster. ‘The Power of One’ the theme song to the hit Pokemon movie was a billboard hit for 8 weeks on the charts. Other super stars having collaborated with Mark Chait include: famous actor Brad Pitt; legendary Hollywood Film Producer Dean Zanuck (grandson to one of the three founding fathers of Hollywood, Richard Zanuck); acclaimed Hollywood Record Producer Charlie Midnight; more recently the Godfather of Musical Theatre in China, Li Dun and famous chinese lyricist Liang Mang, just to name a few.

夏泰为著名电影《宠物小精灵》创作的主题曲“The Power of One”成为了热门歌曲,由美国历史上最传奇的女歌手之一唐娜•莎曼 (Donna Summer)演唱,并由欧美流行乐教父、金牌音乐制作人大卫• 福斯特 (David Froster)操刀制作,曾雄踞美国最具权威榜单公告牌单曲榜Billboard长达8周之久。与夏泰合作的明星和业界人士还包括:美国著名演员布莱德皮特 (Brad Pitt)、好莱坞三大奠基人之一理查德•扎努克 (Richard Zanuck)嫡孙、好莱坞传奇电影制片人迪恩•扎努克 (Dean Zanuck)、好莱坞著名音乐制作人查理•米德莱特 (Charlie Midnight),近期合作的业界人士还包括中国音乐剧教父李盾,中国著名词作家梁芒等等。

Born in Cape Town, South Africa, Mark has been classically trained from a young age. After spending his teenage years in Australia, he later moved to the US to launch his film scoring career, and very quickly became internationally recognized as a Hollywood Composer for his rich melodies and sweeping orchestrations.


In 2012 Mark was invited to China to compose the score for the world’s largest 3D multi-media and theatrical performance named “The Illusions Show” produced by Changzhou Joyland.