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Did you catch the Premier of ’Frontier of Love‘?         《爱情的边疆》首播你看了吗?

 The Love Epic ‘Frontier of Love’, co-created by scriptwriter Gao Mantang and Director Mao Weining, accompanied by Mark Chait's score, premiered on Zhejiang TV. If you have missed the start, don't worry, you can catch up on Tencent, Aiqiyi and Youku.

The ‘Frontier of Love’ Original Series Soundtrack by Mark Chait, includes a unique rearrangement of the classic Russian hit ‘Moscow Nights’. The Official Soundtrack is released through Milan Records and Warner Music Beijing and is available on: QQ Music, Netease Music, Xiami Music, Kugou Music, Kuwo Music and iTunes.


Welcome to the music and life of MARK CHAIT, Internationally renowned Emmy Award and three time Telly Winning Composer of Film and TV, Songwriter and Concert Pianist, with Studios based in Hollywood, California and Shanghai, China. Mark is also the 'Master of Music' at the De Tao Masters Academy in Shanghai having founded 'Studio CHAIT' (the only Hollywood-style scoring studio of its kind in China and Asia). Mark heads up his International Music Production team along with Producer, Vasilis Paddis, creating world-class cinematic music for Film, Television, Theatre, Arts & Media. 

Mark's musical talent will take you on a complete journey that spans the continents, music genres and emotions of life.





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