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Mark Chait 夏泰: Photos 照片

朱俊杰 ,Vasilis Paddis, Mark Chait, 刘倩雯   Studio CHAIT Staff
Mark Chait appearing in Tatler Magazine, December 2014
Tatler Magazine article of Mark Chait in December 2014, Shanghai
Mark Chait and Roger Christiansen, the Director of Friends

Mark Chait Films and Music

Emmy Award, Best Score 1997
Mark and Hillary Clinton after performing the 'Power of One' for the Democratic Empire State Dinner in New York
Donna Summer singing Mark's single 'The Power of One'
Brad Pitt starring in Mark's first film 'Contact' (Oscar Nominated)
Mark singing with Kathy Fisher on his debut album
Mark composed and music supervised 'Come Away Home'
Mark's score uses solo violin as the haunting story teller in 'Esther's Diary'
Mark's score to 'Elena Undone'
Mark's production hit, 'Lullaby Renditions of U2' is a BEST seller
The hit Documentary on Showtime
'Yoga Safari' the first CD in the upcoming series
with Louise Hay (renowned Author)
Film poster for the movie 'Elena Undone'
Preparing for 'The Painter & The Pianist' performance on the famous Liberace piano
As seen in W MAGAZINE "New Hollywood Talent"
Scoring the Comedy 'Allie & Me'
Scoring the Feature Film 'Schemes'
Invitation to Mark's show 'The Painter & The Pianist'
Scoring the Feature Film 'Cynara'
Soon to be released Album 'On And On'
'HAUNTED' with Director Victor Salva and Charles Agron
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