The breadth and diversity of the film music world continues to astound me, and this is no better illustrated by the career of composer Mark Chait – born in South Africa, raised in Australia, educated in the United States, and now one of the premier composers for prestigious TV dramas in China. ” - Jon Broxton

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BEST ORIGINAL SCORE FOR A TELEVISION SERIES: 《爱情的边疆》AIQING DE BIANJIANG / FRONTIER OF LOVE, music by Mark Chait” - Announcements, News (posts by Jon)

IFMCA: International Film Music Critics Association Award Nominations 2018

Movie Music UK rated Frontier of Love OST the best score of 2018! 英国电影音乐网将《爱情的边疆》原声带评为2018年最佳原声带!” - Film Score Reviews by Jonathan Broxton

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Music Today: Hollywood Composer Mark Chait brings new life to 'Moscow Nights' for 'Frontier of Love' (starting 12:08...)”


Mark Chait and Vasilis Paddis at ‘Frontier of Love’ Premiere in Beijing 夏泰受邀出席《爱情的边疆》看片发布会 ”

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Mark Chait and Director Mao Co-Create 'Doctor of TCM' Legend  夏泰与毛卫宁导演共谱中医传奇”

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Mark Chait VIP Special Guest Performance at 3rd Silk Road International Film Festival, televised Gala Opening (from 3:55)”


Mark Chait joins Director Mao's New TV Drama 好莱坞作曲家夏泰加盟毛卫宁导演最新力作”

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Mark Chait, Special Guest on National BeijingTV, celebrating Children's Day.”

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Interview: The Painter and The Piano with Mark Chait”


'The Power of Music' Launch (Online & Magazine)”